McKinney Vento

AES K-2 Liaison- Kristaly Heredia

AES 3-5 Liaison- Toni Alonzo

OMS Liaison- Bea Nuanes

AHS Liaison- Lisa Copley

District Coordinator- Carrie Zimmerman

Local homeless education liaisons are Local Educational Agency (LEA) staff responsible for ensuring the identification, school enrollment, attendance, and opportunities for academic success of
students in homeless situations. National evaluations have found that local liaisons are an important
factor contributing to the success of a school district’s homeless education program; therefore, the McKinney-Vento Act now requires every LEA to appoint a local homeless education liaison
and specifies his or her legal responsibilities. By linking students and their families to school and community services, local liaisons play a critical role in stabilizing students and promoting academic
achievement at the individual, school, and district level