Safe Schools Handbook

Policy Policy Number
Safe School Letter
Parent Acknowledgement Form
Safe School Disclaimer
Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Sex AC
Complaint and Compliance Process AC-R
Sample Notice AC E-1
Compliance with Title IX ACA
School District Mission AD
Tobacco Free Schools ADC
Safe Schools ADD
Accountability/Commitment to Accomplishment AE
School Closings/Cancellations EBCE
Student Transportation in Private Vehicles EEAG
Student Transportation in Private Vehicles MOU EEAG-E
Staff Personal Security/Safety GBGB
Health Education IHAM
Health Education-Exemption Procedure IHAM_R
Family Life/Sex Education IHAMB
Family Life/Sex Education-Exemption Procedure IHAMB-R
HIV/AIDS Education-Exemption Procedure IHAMC-R
Ensuring All Students Meet Standards IKE
Graduation Requirements IKF
Equal Educational Opportunities JB
Sexual Harassment JBB
Compulsory Attendance Ages JEA
Intra-District Choice/Open Enrollment JFBA
Student Withdrawal from School JFC
Student Absences and Excuses JH
Truancy JHB
Student Conduct JIC
Student Dress Code JICA
Student Conduct in School Vehicles JICC
Code of Conduct JICDA
Violent and Aggressive Behavior JICDD
Bullying Prevention and Education JICDE
School Related Student Publications JICEA  and JICEA-R
Student Distribution of Noncurricular Materials JICEC  and JICEC-R
Secret Societies/Gang Activity JICF and JICF-R
Drug and Alcohol Use by Students JICH and JICH-R
Weapons in School JICI and JICI -R
Use of Cell Phones and Pagers JICJ
Student Interrogations, Searches and Arrests JIH
Parking Lot Searches JIHB
Student Concerns, Complaints and Grievances JII
Student Activities JJ-R
Student Organizations JJA
Student Discipline JK and JK-R
Extracurricular Activity Eligibility JJJ
Discipline of Students with Disabilities JK-2
Use of Physical Intervention JKA
Disciplinary Removal from Classroom JKBA and JKBA-R
Suspension/Expulsion of Students JKD-JKEJKD-JKE-E and JKD-JKE-R
Suspension/Expulsion of Handicapped Students JKD-JKE-2
Immunization of Students JLCB and JLCB-R
Administering Medicines to Students JLCD and JLCD-R
Students with Food Allergies JLCDA
Screening/Testing of Students JLDAC
Reporting Child Abuse JLF
Student Dismissal Precautions JLIB
Student Fees, Fines and Charges JQ
Student Records/Release of Information JRA-JRC
Sharing of Student Records JRCA
Student Use of the Internet JS
Student Use of the Internet Use Agreement JS-E
Custodial (Non) Parents Rights/Responsibilities KBBA
Public Concerns re: Teaching Methods, Activities, Presentations KEF
Public Conduct on School Property KFA
Visitors to Schools KI