Great Things Going On

The 2017-2018 school year is off to a great start for the Alamosa School District.  We are into our fifth week of school and our teachers and students have hit the ground running.  We are happy to welcome our new teachers to the district.  We have 17 new teachers, 2 new counselors and 3 new administrators joining our amazing team!  On September 31st we had a New Teacher Bash as part of our recruitment and retention efforts.

Alamosa Schools are committed to excellence on all levels.  Our Health Wellness Team is working hard to keep students and staff healthy.  One of the accomplishments of this team included the installation of new hydration stations in every building.  Students and staff were also provided with new water bottles at the beginning of the year.  Through the Health Wellness team, Alamosa has developed a number of solid partnerships with outside agencies that are supporting our commitment to excellence.  Thanks to support from Alamosa County Public Health and SLV Health our students had the opportunity to listen to motivational speaker Craig Conrad.  He delivered a powerful message that focused on helping kids unlock their full potential, build character, and make positive choices.  He used real life examples to inspire and motivate the students to be Unstoppable!  ASD also hosted a community event on the evening of September 6th.  Dinner was provided for the community and our food services did an excellent job of serving 164 people that evening.  The auditorium was packed for Conrad’s evening presentation.  We are working to develop stronger relationships with parents and families and it was great to have so many community members attend our first community event of the year!

Students were up out of their seats during the Unstoppable Program

Staff members joined in the fun dancing to the YMCA

We are Unstoppable